Commercial Electrician

commercial electrician

Are you looking to hire a Commercial Electrician? Are you a commercial tenant needing electrical work performed in a leased space? Do you own a commercial building and want to improve its energy efficiency? If so, we can help! Hiring a Commercial Electrician Hiring a Commercial Electrician to work on a commercial building is very … Continue reading Commercial Electrician

Saving $50,000 With LED Fixtures

saving $50,000 with LED fixtures - picture of exterior LED pole lamps

If you're not sure how much you could save by upgrading to LED technology, take a look at one of our commercial client's power usage graphs.  Just one month after they upgraded their exterior metal halide light fixtures, they are already seeing huge savings on electricity!   Calculations show that over 10 years this company … Continue reading Saving $50,000 With LED Fixtures

Life as an Electrician in the Comox Valley

  I love living and working as an electrician in the Comox Valley.   I've been an electrician for well over 30 years and in that time, I've worked on close to 1000 job sites.   I've wired hundreds of residential houses, a great many condominiums and town homes, numerous commercial buildings of all sizes … Continue reading Life as an Electrician in the Comox Valley

Boosting retail sales

The way customers feel when they enter a retail environment can sharply influence buying decisions.   It also leaves a lasting impression.   Creating a mood that engages customers through all their senses is part of a strong and successful marketing plan that contributes significantly to the success of a retail business.  For many business owners, boosting retail … Continue reading Boosting retail sales

LED downlights

  At Comox Valley Electric, we love energy efficient long life low profile LED downlights for their tremendous energy savings reliable performance.  Our favourite LED wafer down lights are suitable in many residential and commercial applications and can be installed nearly everywhere thanks to their ultra slim design.  Unbelievably, the entire fixture is less than … Continue reading LED downlights