Mixed Metals on Trend

Mixed metals are EVERYWHERE in the design world! We're LOVING this lighting trend and are busy installing beautiful new fixtures all over the Comox Valley. Providing creative expression and loads of personality, mixed metals are the fastest way to bring a room on trend. Thanks to a myriad of mixed metal fixtures on the market, … Continue reading Mixed Metals on Trend

Saving $50,000 With LED Fixtures

saving $50,000 with LED fixtures - picture of exterior LED pole lamps

If you're not sure how much you could save by upgrading to LED technology, take a look at one of our commercial client's power usage graphs.  Just one month after they upgraded their exterior metal halide light fixtures, they are already seeing huge savings on electricity!   Calculations show that over 10 years this company … Continue reading Saving $50,000 With LED Fixtures

50 Energy Saving Tips For Business Owners

photo of lightbulb - lighting upgrades are one of 50 energy saving upgrades for business owners

Is your business struggling with the high cost of electricity?  Do you want to lower your company's energy bills but are confused about which upgrades will bring optimal results?   You're not alone!   Follow our step by step guide to lowering your power bills with these top 50 energy saving tips for business owners. Explore Incentives … Continue reading 50 Energy Saving Tips For Business Owners

Control Your Home’s Lighting From A Mobile Device

photo of iPad - control your home or business lighting from a mobile device

With Smart Lighting Technology from Lutron it is now possible to control your home's lighting from a mobile device!   Are you aware that smart lighting components are quick to install and require NO costly,  behind-the-walls electrical wiring?   This technology can be installed in virtually any room meaning that energy savings, convenience and customizable comfort … Continue reading Control Your Home’s Lighting From A Mobile Device

Tiny home wiring [and an exciting new venture]

One of the exciting new projects I've been working on is wiring an [inaugural] Tiny Home for Isaac Bale of Swell Carpentry Ltd.   It's a pretty sweet little house and I can't wait to see it when it's done.  Isaac has some big plans coming to fruition here in the Comox Valley and I'm extremely happy … Continue reading Tiny home wiring [and an exciting new venture]