Electric vehicle sales are on the rise! With a large selection of electric cars on the market and multiple rebates on offer, there has never been a better time to buy an electric vehicle. 


1. BC Government Rebates

The BC government outlines details on EV purchase rebates:

2. Government of Canada EV Rebates

The federal government has rebates available also

3. Incentives for Home Charging Stations

Have you seen the latest incentives for installing a Level 2 EV charger at home?

4. EV Charger Rebates

There are even rebates for the purchase of a qualifying EV charger!
Check out the list of eligible EV chargers before you buy:

5. Electric Vehicle Purchase and Ownership Information

For support and information on selecting, buying, driving and charging electric vehicles in BC, check out Plug In BC. There, you’ll find answers to the most commonly asked questions about electric cars. From selecting an EV to driving and charging an electric car, the answers you need are all in one place!

electric car being charged

6. Electric Motorcycle and Bicycle Rebates

Did you know about the latest incentives for specialty use electric vehicles such as motorbikes and bicycles? suvibc.ca/

7. Incentives for Commercial Fleets

There are even rebates for commercial fleets and organizations

8. Low Cost, Clean Energy

Say goodbye to the pump! With fuel prices continually on the rise, the low cost of driving an electric car appeals to many. As well, the importance of burning a relatively clean energy source is a priority for many British Columbians. www.bchydro.com/energy-in-bc/operations/generation.html

9. Meeting the Federal Emissions Targets

Clean Energy Canada is a valuable resource for Canadians looking for facts on meeting federal emission targets. With a clear goal of ending with new combustible engine cars by 2035, Canada is accelerating the widespread adaptation of electric vehicles.

10. Easy Charging Options in the Comox Valley

Are you curious about where to charge your new electric car while out and about in the Comox Valley?

In Courtenay plugshare.com

In Comox www.comox.ca/modx/electric-vehicle-charging-station