Residential and Commercial Light Fixtures

Evolve Lighting in Central Builders, Courtenay, BC.   The BEST lighting selection in the Comox Valley.  Our customers enjoy our discount at Evolve – one of the many benefits of hiring us to perform your electrical work.

Mclaren Lighting in Nanaimo.  A fantastic selection mid-island and our customers also receive a discount at Mclaren.   Be sure to check out Maclaren’s informative page on LED technology.

Residential and Commercial Smart Lighting

We work with and install Lutron smart home technology.  We highly recommended Lutron for superior quality and performance.   Improve energy efficiency, save electricity and enjoy convenient control from any mobile device.

photo of smart home electrical services
Ask us about the latest in smart lighting technology!


Small Home Design

Jennifer Charles

Interior Design

LH Interior Design – Linzie Heffernan


Design Therapy


Tab Imports


General Contractors

Candor Developments    –  Isaac Bale & Clayton Frank  250-702-7339

Griffith Homes –   Tavis Griffith  250-941-6960

Mark Toomer Construction  – Mark Toomer  250-702-6975


J. R. Edgett Contracting   250-339-6100

Double M/M Backhoe Services – Mark Manthey  250-334-6511

Tippin Point Contracting Ltd. – Jamie Rennison 250-650-7486


Summit Roofing – 250-703-9621


Temprite Climate Solutions – 250-465-2490


Dale’s Plumbing  – 250-703-3798

Roto Rooter – 250-338-9192


Batt and Blown Insulation – Findalyson Insulation (250) 339-7329

Spray Foam Insulation – Foam Worx (250) 218-5433


Gordie Coats – 250-338-2642


Regal Gutters – 250-334-3861


The Showroom Flooring Design Centre 

Electrical Safety

BC Provincial Licensing Authority

Technical Safety BC

Listing of Approved Marks on Electrical Products

These recognized labels mean the product you are buying meets Canadian standards for safety and can be legally installed by a licensed electrician in Canada.


Courtenay Appliances –  If you’re building a new house or are updating old appliances, the friendly and knowledgeable folks at Courtenay Appliances have a terrific selection and take excellent care of their customers!