Holiday Decorating – Protect your Home and Loved Ones

Did you know that holiday lights and electric decorations can put a strain on your home’s electrical system?  Dazzling displays are sure to impress but beware of overloaded circuits!    When demand for power overloads circuit capacity, this can lead to a tripped breaker or worse, an electrical fire.    Don’t worry – holiday decorating is easy thanks to these tips from trusted sources!
  1. Canada Safety Council shares helpful suggestions on how to safely decorate for the holidays
2.  Technical Safety BC shared a fantastic tip sheet for safe holiday decorating. 3.   Follow these simple tips when using extension cords and power bars for electric lights and decorations.  

Holiday Decorating – Choosing The Right Products

1.  The Canadian Standards Association is a Canadian authority on the testing of consumer electrical goods.  This trusted organization lists approved labels to look for when buying holiday lights and decorations.  With a plethora of off-brand electrical goods on the market today, a great many are NOT approved for use in Canada.  These products can pose a fire risk and should never be used. 2..  BC Hydro has great tips for homeowners about the importance of switching to LED holiday lights and decorations.  Not only are LED lights energy saving, but also, they generate a lot less heat than incandescent bulbs.   Less heat means less fire risk – a solid holiday decorating tip! LED holiday lights

 Holiday Decorating – Proactive Protection

Be proactive about protection!  Electrical holiday decorations increase the risk of a house fire.   As most fatal house fires occur overnight, WORKING smoke and C02 detectors can save your life.  Always follow the recommendations in this Home Fire Prevention Booklet.   Don’t take risks with your holiday decorating and keep electrical safety in mind when decking the halls this year!  

Safe Holiday Decorating Is Easy

For many, the holidays are an important time to decorate homes in celebration of the festive season.  At Comox Valley Electric, we think about electrical safety every day but we are are especially vigilant during the holiday season.   We are happy to share these resources and hope they’ll help you keep your home and family safe this holiday season. Happy holiday decorating from our team and stay safe while you deck the halls this year!