Just a reminder to Comox Valley residents of the importance of regular smoke detector maintenance.  Smoke detectors are stoic protectors of our households but in order for them to work reliably, they need regular maintenance.  This seemingly mundane task is often overlooked but should be a routine job performed in addition to regularly practicing your household fire escape plan.  If working correctly, a detector can ALERT you to a fire but it won’t guarantee your safety.   Remember,  a well practiced fire escape plan is just as important as having working detectors in your home.


Smoke detector maintenance


Luckily, it takes just minutes to perform a quick “check up” on most detectors and the Fall time change is a great reminder to perform this simple home maintenance task.  Check your smoke detector manufacturer’s website for videos and instructions on how to maintain YOUR model of smoke detector.




1. Look up the make and model of your smoke detector and check for recalls.  Follow manufacturer’s instructions on obtaining replacements for recalled detectors.

2. Check the expiry date.  Smoke detectors have a finite lifespan – always follow    manufacturer’s instructions as to when to replace your detector.

3.  Vacuum your smoke detector cover.  Keeping dust and cobwebs from accumulating is important in order for your detector to function correctly.

4.  Change back-up batteries per manufacturers instructions and only replace with NEW batteries. Back up batteries are important to keep your detectors functioning in the event of a power outage!

5.  Test your detector’s function as directed by the manufacturer’s instructions [some are weekly, some are monthly].


As mentioned, the Fall time change is great reminder to perform smoke detector maintenance.  Should your detector fail a routine test or if it needs replacing and you want the assistance of a Licensed Electrician – GET IN TOUCH.  We’d be happy to help!