A Reputable Comox Valley Electrician

We are proud to have earned a 5 Star Service rating as a reputable Comox Valley Electrician. We value the trust placed in our hands when a client refers a new customer our way. Referrals are the very heart of our business and our family strives to live up to that trusted recommendation each and every time. While we do work hard to exceed our...

Electric Baseboard Heaters – 4 Steps to Improved Efficiency

Electric Baseboard Heaters – 4 Steps to Improved Efficiency

Did you know that electric baseboard heaters are energy hogs? According to BC Hydro, their electricity use can account for up to 50% of your household electricity bill. Reducing the cost of running electric baseboard heaters use immediately lower your power bill. Read on for helpful tips to start saving! 1. Upgrading Thermostats The single most...

Tips for Holiday Decorating

Tips for Holiday Decorating

Holiday Decorating - Protect your Home and Loved Ones Did you know that holiday lights and electric decorations can put a strain on your home's electrical system?  Dazzling displays are sure to impress but beware of overloaded circuits!    When demand for power overloads circuit capacity, this can lead to a tripped breaker or worse, an electrical...

Fixing Electrical Deficiencies

Identifying and fixing electrical deficiencies in any home is critically important. Un-repaired electrical problems can pose serious safety risks for electric shock and potentially devastating electrical fires. Hiring a licensed electrician to fix deficiencies in your electrical system not only brings you and your family peace of mind but also...

Electrical Wiring For Outdoor Features

With today's focus on outside gatherings, the installation of electrical wiring for outdoor features is on the rise. There are many ways to create a beautiful outdoor space to safely entertain and relax. Whether your dream is grand or simple, we specialize in custom electrical wiring for outdoor features. Hot Tub Power Hands down, hot tubs are...

Electrical Work During The COVID-19 Response

We have received many questions about how we perform electrical work during the COVID-19 response. Rest assured, we understand (and share) our customers' concerns during this time of uncertainty. Know that we are committed to following the latest public health and Work Safe BC guidelines to ensure the safety of our clients and employees. We have...

EV Charger Installation Rebates

With EV Charger installation rebates on offer, now is a fantastic time to make the switch to an electric vehicle. A growing number of electric cars are hitting the market and as a result, we're seeing a huge spike in requests for EV charger installations. Fast charging at home is the number one motivator but saving money on the installation is an...

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