Today’s kitchens barely resemble the kitchens of previous generations but one thing remains the same… Kitchens are still the hub of the family home! With many different activities happening alongside meal prep, modern kitchens are for much more than just cooking. No longer only food centric spaces, today’s kitchens are are multi-function, flexible rooms to entertain, live, learn and work in.

top 10 kitchen renovation tips

Our technology infused lifestyles have completely revolutionized kitchen design. As a result, the electrical industry has changed to reflect this shift. To find out what’s new in the world of kitchen renovations, we consulted our Lead Electrician, Kelly Morrison. We’re happy to share his experienced advice. Read Kelly’s top 10 kitchen renovation tips below!

top 10 kitchen renovation tips

Top Kitchen Renovation Tips from a Licensed Electrician

  1. Choose your major appliances EARLY. Your cabinetmaker and electrician will thank you. Appliances have different power requirements needing very specific power feeds. The wire gauge of each appliance’s power feed must match the appliance’s amperage draw! An arc fault breaker may also be a required installation. Knowing the electrical specifications of your appliances ahead of time keeps your renovation on budget! Re-working power feeds later in the renovation can lead to delays and added expenses.
  2. After your kitchen layout is confirmed (including locations of major appliances), plan placement of countertop appliances. Work with your electrician on this as there are code rules about backsplash receptacle placements. In most cases, you can add more outlets to suit your needs.
  3. Does your new kitchen design include an island? Work with your electrician and cabinetmaker to plan placement of island receptacles. Meeting the electrical code and working with your cabinetmaker’s design plan is crucial. Drawers and cabinets in the island will need to accommodate power feeds and receptacle outlet boxes. Planning ahead for island receptacles minimizes millwork revisions thereby eliminating extra charges.
  4. Think about how you will use technology in your new kitchen. Thoughtfully placed USB receptacles provide the ultimate in convenient charging ports for electronics. Programmable Smart Lighting can elevate your new kitchen to the next level of energy efficiency and convenience!
  5. Plan your lighting placement and switching well in advance! Your electrician will need this information early to plan wiring to power and control your kitchen’s lighting plan.
  6. Ask your electrician about Smart Lighting options to suit your needs. Programmable lighting helps homeowners lower electricity bills and customize lighting to meet the needs of your household.
  7. Wifi switching can also provide targeted lighting control in locations where it may be difficult or impossible to install wiring. In a finished wall with no access above or below, Wifi switches are the perfect solution! Ask your electrician if this may be an option that would apply in your new kitchen.
  8. Know an estimated value range for the planned scope of electrical work. It’s common practice for electricians to charge by the hour for renovation work due to hidden existing wiring. Opening up the walls completely provides easy access and usually lowers the cost of electrical work.
  9. Be prepared to purchase an electrical permit. This protects you from illegal wiring and shoddy workmanship. A licensed electrical contractor can advise you accordingly and will purchase the permit on your behalf through Technical Safety BC. Always ask to see the electrical permit before your job commences!
  10. Check your electrician’s credentials! Always hire a licensed electrical contractor and ask to see proof of current licensing, insurance and WorkSafe BC coverages.
top 10 kitchen renovation tips

Armed with these tips, you can look at your kitchen renovation in a new light! Thinking about electrical work as an integrated component in your renovation will help you to see the “bigger picture”. Knowing this, minimizing construction delays and maximizing your renovation budget is easy if you follow the advice of a licensed professional electrician.

Top 10 Kitchen Renovation Tips To Help You Make a Wise Investment

Not only can a kitchen renovation provide you with many years of enjoyment, it can also be a wise investment. Adding solid value to your home, a professional kitchen renovation can make very good financial sense! With this in mind, we hope our top 10 kitchen renovation tips will help you get the most out of your renovation. If you live in the Comox Valley area and have questions on this topic, we invite you to get in touch!