Did you know that electric baseboard heaters are energy hogs? According to BC Hydro, their electricity use can account for up to 50% of your household electricity bill. Reducing the cost of running electric baseboard heaters use immediately lower your power bill. Read on for helpful tips to start saving!

1. Upgrading Thermostats

The single most effective way to to lower the cost of running baseboard heaters is to upgrade your thermostats. Programmable thermostats lower heaters at night or when you are away from home. This is a very effective way to reduce energy use as your heaters can be set to turn down when you leave the house. This type of thermostat can be set to warm a room before you wake up or before you return home from work. Paying for heat only when you need it saves energy and improves the comfort of your home! Supporting a successful, growing Canadian company such as MYSA warms the heart, too!

2. Replacing Baseboard Heaters

There’s no doubt, replacing older baseboard heaters can also lower your energy consumption. The “fins” inside older heaters usually become caked in dust (and pet hair) which reduces the heater’s efficiency. New baseboard heaters such as Stelpro or Ouellet can look great and lower energy costs.

3. Regular Cleaning

A build up of dust and dirt on your baseboards can reduce the efficiency of heat transfer in your living space. Your heaters will end up running longer because it’s more difficult to disperse the heat that’s generated, into the room. I like to make a point of thoroughly cleaning my baseboards in the early fall by giving the entire unit a wipe down with a clean cloth, and using my vacuum to clear out all dust and debris from the fins.

4. Air Flow

Ensuring your baseboard heaters have adequate air flow is extremely important. If your baseboards are partially covered by curtains or a thick carpet underneath your heaters, you may be impeding the air flow required to properly disperse the heat. Heaters should sit at least 2 centimetres above any carpet or area rugs, and there should be at least a 10 centimetre gap below any curtains.

And this alert bulletin from Technical Safety BC highlights the importance of hiring a licensed electrician to make any updates or changes to your home’s baseboard heaters or thermostats. Faulty wiring CAN cause an electrical fire! Protect your home and your family by always hiring a professional for ANY electrical work.