If you’re not sure how much you could save by upgrading to LED technology, take a look at one of our commercial client’s power usage graphs.  Just one month after they upgraded their exterior metal halide light fixtures, they are already seeing huge savings on electricity!   Calculations show that over 10 years this company could be saving $50,000 with LED fixtures.  No, that’s not a typo – read on for details!

Exterior lighting had always been a major expense for this business with their monthly power bill clocking in at OVER $800.00/month on a budget payment plan.   On the graph below we can see an approximate 50% energy savings after the new LED fixtures were installed in January.

saving $50,000 with LED fixtures - picture of lower electricity bill

In addition to dramatic energy savings, upgrading to LED fixtures has completely eliminated the expense of ongoing metal halide fixture maintenance.   This recurring expense was adding approximately $1,000 per year to this company’s already high lighting costs.   As long life LED bulbs are a built-in component of the new LED fixtures, this company won’t need to replace ANY bulbs during the lifespan of the fixtures.


Let’s talk numbers to see how these business owners are saving $50,000 with LED Fixtures


Based on an estimated 10 year life span (with a usage rate of 16 hours per day, 365 days/year), conservative calculations estimate this company’s total savings to reach $50,000.00 over the next 10 years.   Here’s the breakdown:


Estimated energy savings/10 years  = $48,000 

  • $400/month savings x 120 months (10 year lifespan of fixtures @ usage rate of 16 hours/day) = $48,000.   * Figure is conservative as it does not account for rising cost of electricity over the next 10 years.

Estimated maintenance savings/10 years = $10,000 

  • $1000.00/year x 10 years = $10,000.   *Figure is conservative as it does not factor for inflation.

TOTAL estimated savings over 10 years = $58,000

  • (less:  fixture upgrade of approx. $8,000) equals the potential for



Saving $50,000 with LED fixtures over 10 years!



saving $50,000 with LED fixtures - photo of upgraded lights

These business owners are extremely happy as their new LED fixtures are much brighter than the metal halide predecessors.   Most importantly,  this company is on track for some serious energy (and money) savings over the next 10 years!  Get in touch today for an LED fixture upgrade consultation – we’d be happy to advise you of your options and provide a free estimate.


  • Figures are estimated projections only.   Actual savings may vary as it is not possible to guarantee precise savings 10 years in advance.  Based on the data from the fixture manufacturer and BC Hydro, the figures used in this article represent a realistic savings projection.