One of the exciting new projects I’ve been working on is wiring an [inaugural] Tiny Home for Isaac Bale of Swell Carpentry Ltd.   It’s a pretty sweet little house and I can’t wait to see it when it’s done.  Isaac has some big plans coming to fruition here in the Comox Valley and I’m extremely happy to be a small part of his new project.

Tiny Homes are in HOT demand and I have no doubt we’ll be seeing more of them in the coming years.  Offering first class finishing and gorgeous custom touches in a small package means the ultimate in comfort and convenience for homeowners.  The added benefit of portability brings unparalleled flexibility into the equation and I can really see the advantages for all ages and all lifestyles.  Young and old, living small appeals to many!

From another [but equally important] standpoint, you just can’t beat the energy efficiency of a tiny home.  With less space to heat and illuminate, the overall utility costs of this wee house will be a fraction of a traditional home.  The liberal use of LED technology is a major contributing factor and in this case, I wired the tiny home for  LED wafer lights.  These all in one fixtures are unique in that the bulb is built into the fixture.   With a lifespan of 50,000+ hours they offer a decade (or more) of maintenance free illumination.  Wafer downlights are fairly new to market but are taking the lighting world by storm.  They are extremely lightweight with an unbelievably slim 1/2″ profile but they offer brilliant, energy efficient illumination.  For all of these reasons,  they are the absolute best choice for for this application and I strongly recommend them to anyone for tiny home wiring.

Stay tuned for more updates on our electrical work for this cool new project!   Please contact us if you have questions.