With Smart Lighting Technology from Lutron it is now possible to control your home’s lighting from a mobile device!   Are you aware that smart lighting components are quick to install and require NO costly,  behind-the-walls electrical wiring?   This technology can be installed in virtually any room meaning that energy savings, convenience and customizable comfort can be yours with the tap of a finger!

Smart Lighting technology from Lutron

 Why Control Your Home’s Lighting From a Mobile Device?

  1. Enhance security – Adjust lighting to make your home look occupied while you’re on vacation.
  2. Convenience – Pre-program lights to turn on just before you usually arrive home from work.
  3. Safety – Hear a noise in the dark?  Turn exterior lights on from your phone.
  4. Save energy – Pre-program light levels and on/off times to boost energy savings and lower your electricity bill
  5. Comfort – infinitely adjust lighting to suit your needs/comfort right from your phone



smart lighting technology from Lutron

Why Smart Lighting Technology From Lutron

Lighting typically represents approximately 20% of the average homeowner’s electricity bill.   To give you an idea of the types of energy saving lighting control for your own home, we invite you to watch a visual tour of the residential Lighting Control options available through Lutron.   From frequently used rooms [like kitchens and living rooms] to rooms with less traffic, there’s a smart home lighting solution to suit every need in every household.   We encourage you to explore options such as programmable dimmers and timer switches.  When strategically installed, they can result in tremendous energy savings!

We invite you to contact us if you have questions or want to schedule a free consultation in your home.   Whether you want one light controlled or your whole home programmed, we’d be happy to help!