How to Hire the Right Electrician

how to hire the right electrician

Do you know how to hire the right electrician to work in your home? If you don't, you're not alone! It can be confusing to check credentials and vet potential candidates. If you don't regularly hire an electrician it can be overwhelming it can be to find a reputable contractor. Rest assured, we're here to … Continue reading How to Hire the Right Electrician

Waste Reduction In Construction

We are incredibly fortunate to live and work in a pristinely beautiful part of the world. Feeling a strong obligation to protect our ocean and forests, we are motivated to divert as much waste as possible from the local landfill. Thanks to our company's leading edge waste reduction program, we are proud to share that … Continue reading Waste Reduction In Construction

Circuit Breaker Tripping?

circuit breaker tripping - when to hire a service call electrician

Each week we receive several calls from homeowners experiencing problems with a circuit breaker tripping.   It's wise to have a licensed electrician check your panel to rule out a serious problem because this can be an indicator of an overloaded circuit or faulty wiring.  If not repaired, these situations could lead to an electrical … Continue reading Circuit Breaker Tripping?

The Ridge

photo of new home being wired in The Ridge

We're in the middle of completing the electrical work on a beautiful show home for the highly sought-after team at Candor Developments up in Courtenay's newest subdivision, The Ridge.     A valuable addition to the team of builders in The Ridge, Candor's homes will offer discerning homebuyers a prime opportunity to live in a gorgeous home in a beautiful … Continue reading The Ridge

10 Tips For Hiring a Residential Electrician

10 tips for hiring a residential electrician to wire your new kitchen

Do you have electrical repairs to complete or are you building or renovating a house this year?   Hiring reliable, experienced trades is an important task and none is more important than hiring a qualified, licensed, residential electrician.  Faulty wiring is one of the leading causes of house fires in Canada but there are steps … Continue reading 10 Tips For Hiring a Residential Electrician