Here at Comox Valley Electric, our belief is that investing in safety means investing in people.    While we’re proud of our company’s clean safety record we’re not satisfied unless we’re aiming for the highest possible safety standards.  Striving for best recently led us to voluntarily hire an independent professional to create a custom safety program for our company.   While this isn’t a requirement for an electrical contracting company of our size, investing in a safe work environment is always our top priority.   Our custom safety program meets (and in many cases exceeds) all WorkSafe BC requirements and provides clear guidelines that will grow with our company well into the future.

the owner's commitment to cultivating a safe work environment is priority one

Creating a safe work environment requires planning and preparation beginning well before we set foot on a job site.   Each morning we gather information about the hazards we might face that day and check the supply of safety gear in the work truck.    Once on site,  a walk through is completed and our electricians are briefed on what hazards to watch out for.   Based on identified risks, a plan is put in place to prevent accidents and injuries.   This may mean adjusting the work plan for a few hours to avoid a congested area of the site or it may mean working with a spotter to hold a ladder.   We confirm that every electrician understands how to follow the day’s safety plan and why it is necessary to do so.   Safety equipment such as gloves, safety glasses and hearing protection is provided and employees are made aware of when this equipment is to be worn.    If machinery will be working on site, high visibility vests are provided.

Personal safety equipment is very important, but it can only protect people when it is worn!  We strive to purchase high quality safety gear to enhance employee comfort and support 100% compliance.   Compliance means wearing safety equipment when it is required and adhering to our safety program at all times.  We are strict about maintaining a safe work environment because our goal is for every tradesperson on site to go home uninjured at the end of each day.

Electricians face numerous risks on the job but one of the most common accidents is a ladder fall due to over-reaching.  Ladder falls can be deadly so we take great care to ensure our electricians are using ladders safely.  The correct use of ladders takes more time but it is a critical component in on-site safety!   Hand, foot, head and eye injuries are also common but by following our safety program and using personal protective equipment, we can significantly decrease the risks our electricians face at work each day.

Part of maintaining a safe work environment is using common sense,  trusting instinct and communicating well.   We openly encourage our employees to look out for each other,  question any situation they might not be sure of and report unsafe work conditions.   Our strong company safety culture is the reason why our employees can speak out when they feel unsafe without fear of consequences.

We are extremely proud to share our dedicated commitment to safety as it is the foundational core of our family owned company.   Our goals are simple – create and maintain a safe work environment for the benefit of our employees, our clients and the fellow contractors we work with.  Everyone deserves the peace of mind that comes from cultivating a safe work environment and we believe there’s no better way to achieve this than by maintaining our perfect safety record.   At Comox Valley Electric, we are firmly committed to upholding our strong safety culture and are honoured to serve our community with our family owned company.