Have you ever wondered about the TEST and RESET buttons on a GFCI receptacle?   If so, you’re not alone!

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter receptacles are typically installed in locations where moisture is present (ie: bathrooms and kitchens).   GFCI receptacles are an effective safety mechanism as they are designed to “trip” (interrupting the current of electricity to the outlet) if moisture or faulty wiring are sensed.   This protective action effectively protects homeowners from electric shock.

picture - GFCI receptacles should be installed in bathrooms and kitchens

Like all equipment, a GFCI receptacle will wear out over time and because of this, manufacturers recommend monthly testing of GFCI receptacles.  Thankfully, the testing process is very easy and takes just seconds to complete.   For your convenience, we have linked to this short informative video or you can follow our four easy steps below:



  1. Plug a lamp into your GFCI receptacle
  2. Press the ‘TEST’ button on the GFCI receptacle
  3. If the GFCI receptacle is working correctly, the lamp will turn off automatically after the test button is activated
  4. Press ‘RESET’ to restore power to your lamp as testing is complete!


NOTE – If the lamp does not turn off when the test button is pressed, your GFCI receptacle is faulty [or worn] and is in need of immediate replacement.  Never use a faulty GFCI receptacle – contact a Licensed Electrician to have it replaced immediately.

If your home does not have GFCI receptacles installed in damp locations (such as the bathroom or kitchen), it’s recommended to upgrade your receptacles to meet current electrical code.   GFCI receptacles can be quickly and easily installed by a Licensed Electrician and will provide years of protection for all who live in your home.

Our electrician would be glad to help you out with this safety upgrade so GET IN TOUCH TODAY TO BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT!