A common request electricians receive from homeowners is to install appliance power feeds.   While some appliances plug directly into a standard wall receptacle, most appliances require dedicated power feeds and specialty outlets.  Whether you are simply updating your kitchen appliances or are fully renovating your kitchen, you’ll likely need a licensed electrician to install or relocate power feeds for your new kitchen appliances.



appliance power feeds - a common service call

Standard Appliance Power Feeds

To meet current Canadian Electrical Code standards, a dedicated circuit is usually required for most residential appliance power feeds.  Your electrician will run an appropriate gauge wire from your electrical panel to each of your appliances (based on the current required by the appliance manufacturer).   Your electrician will also likely install specific breakers for each dedicated circuit (if none of the correct load size are available in your panel).  Lastly, your electrician will install appropriate, specific receptacles for your new appliances.   Appliances such as dishwashers are typically direct connected via hard-wiring and do not usually require a special receptacle.


photo of espresso machine - hire a licensed electrician for appliance power feeds

Appliance Power Feeds For Specialty Equipment

Today’s trends are driving an exciting array of specialty and professional equipment installations in residential kitchens.  Commercial espresso machines, warming drawers and steam ovens are a few examples of the many specialty appliances requiring specific power feeds.  Your electrician will guide you regarding the specific power requirements for your new appliance based on the technical specifications provided by the appliance manufacturer.

Choosing New Appliances 

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If you need a licensed electrician to install appliance power feeds in your kitchen – give us a call – we’d be glad to be of service!