natalia-y-338154A great lighting plan can make an enormous difference in both the look and feel of your home or business.  While well chosen fixtures serve a practical function in providing illumination, light fixtures are also a vital design element in any space.    It still amazes us how the right lighting can can perfectly complement and punctuate a room’s design.

In an office setting, lighting updates can boost employee productivity by matching light levels to the function of the space (or to specific tasks), enhance comfort (eliminating headaches and eye strain) and improve the overall look and feel of a workspace.   It’s true – employees who feel more comfortable can be more productive!

In retail settings, lighting is everything.    Beautiful lighting contributes to your establishment’s overall atmosphere but did you know that the right lighting can also help you promote specific products, boost your overall sales and reduce your business’ energy consumption?

With today’s LED technology, saving money and greening your home or business is both easy and beautiful!   Let Comox Valley Electric help YOU achieve your design dream and improve the function of your home, office or retail establishment.  Give us a call to book a lighting consultation today!