Kelly had the pleasure of wiring this lovely 968sq ft home in Courtenay (designed by Jennifer Charles and built by Mark Toomer Construction).  The house was designed for a retired couple with future accessibility in mind so the electrical plan had to reflect this goal.

As the clients were downsizing from a home nearly double in size, great thought was invested in the lighting plan with the aim of visually expanding the space.  Even the hall and second bedroom closet are illuminated with LED down-lights which make these small spaces seem cavernous.  In this small home, consistent use of  4″ LED down lights helped us to specifically meet several goals:

  1. Brilliant illumination throughout (expanding the small space and enhancing safety)
  2. Ease of maintenancethese Standard Pro 4″ LED down lights last for approximately 50,000 hours and don’t require dusting like pendants or chandeliers (making them a terrific choice for these clients who may have mobility issues in future).
  3. Clean and uncluttered lines in a small home (maintaining views in the open areas and making closets feel larger)
  4. Energy efficiency (Energy Star approved)

The clients are thrilled with the lighting which has added elements of safety, comfort and function to perfectly match their needs.  Kelly found it a pleasure to work with this couple and we hope they have many happy years in their beautiful new home!