Lighting For A Small Home

Always Hire a Licensed Electrician

hire a licensed electrician

As tempting as it may be to do your own electrical work, do you know why you should always hire a licensed electrician?  Plain and simply, un-inspected electrical work could put your home at risk for an electrical fire. Delivering power safely where you need it requires your electrical system to be correctly installed and … Continue reading Always Hire a Licensed Electrician

Electric Car Charger Installation

electric car charger installation

Rapid advancements in electric car technology have resulted in a sharp increase in the number of electric cars on Canadian streets.    Seeing this yourself, you may be wondering if the time is right for you to buy an electric car?   As approximately 98% of BC's electricity is produced through renewable sources, today's electric cars are a … Continue reading Electric Car Charger Installation

Service Call Electrician

Service Call electrician

Hiring A Service Call Electrician Home owners in need of a Service Call electrician reach out to us every day of the week.   Requests to update light fixtures, check tripping breakers and repair electrical wiring are common.    As a family owned business, Service Calls are an element of our work that we particularly … Continue reading Service Call Electrician

LED Strip Lighting

We love LED strip lighting for the many creative applications it can be used in in both residential and commercial settings.   Thanks to an ultra slim profile, LED strip lighting can be mounted out of sight under cabinetry,  floating vanities, railings and  stair risers.  It can also be installed in wall niches or troughs … Continue reading LED Strip Lighting

A Safe Work Environment

Learning about ladder safety is an important component of cultivating a safe work environment

Here at Comox Valley Electric, our belief is that investing in safety means investing in people.    While we're proud of our company's clean safety record we're not satisfied unless we're aiming for the highest possible safety standards.  Striving for best recently led us to voluntarily hire an independent professional to create a custom safety program for our company.   … Continue reading A Safe Work Environment