Top 10 Kitchen Renovation Tips

top 10 kitchen renovation tips

Today's kitchens barely resemble the kitchens of previous generations but one thing remains the same... Kitchens are still the hub of the family home! With many different activities happening alongside meal prep, modern kitchens are for much more than just cooking. No longer only food centric spaces, today's kitchens are are multi-function, flexible rooms to … Continue reading Top 10 Kitchen Renovation Tips

Appliance Power Feeds

appliance power feeds for a kitchen renovation

A common request electricians receive from homeowners is to install appliance power feeds.   While some appliances plug directly into a standard wall receptacle, most appliances require dedicated power feeds and specialty outlets.  Whether you are simply updating your kitchen appliances or are fully renovating your kitchen, you'll likely need a licensed electrician to install … Continue reading Appliance Power Feeds